Image of a man sitting on a wall wearing Sony WH-CH520 headphones and holding a mobile phone with a skateboard in the foreground

Crystal clear calls

Image of a phone icon with 3 curved lines

Easy hands-free calling

Easily answer calls with one click of the buttons on the earcups, so there's no need to take your phone from your pocket.
Image of a microphone icon

Built-in mic for clearer calls

With a high-quality built-in microphone and noise suppression processing, the WH-CH520 reduces ambient noise during calls so you can make clear calls even in noisy environments. ​

Not only for listening to music

Whether you are listening to music, in an online class or working from home, your headphones will deliver high-quality sound performance.0
Image of a black pair of Sony WH-CH520 headphones sitting on a desk with some note books and a laptop