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The sound is low or not heard at all from my wireless speaker during Bluetooth connection.

    Check the following to troubleshoot this issue:

    • Check if the Bluetooth indicator of the wireless speaker is lit.
    • Turn off the Bluetooth setting of the source device, then turn it on again to re-establish the Bluetooth connection.
      Note: Depending on the model, the source device can be re-connected via Bluetooth by just restarting the speaker.
    • If the wireless speaker has an AUDIO IN port, make sure there are no devices connected to the AUDIO IN port of the wireless speaker.
    • Increase the volume level of the wireless speaker and source device.
    • If your source device is a computer, restart the music software.
    • For HT-AX7:
      • Update the Sony | Home Entertainment Connect / Sony | BRAVIA Connect app to the latest version.
      • Make sure that the speaker and the source device are not connected via Low Energy (LE) mode. If connected via LE mode, the Bluetooth connection may fail or the sound may not output from the speaker even after the device is paired. To confirm the connection status, check the device name on the Bluetooth setting on the source device. If the connected device name is displayed with LE_ (for example LE_HT-AX7), pair and connect with the device name without LE_ (for example HT-AX7). For details about the pairing procedure, refer to the speaker's Help Guide.
    • For models other than HT-AX7: If you are using Music Center (SongPal) on your mobile device, make sure to update that software to the latest version.

    If the issue is not resolved after checking all the items above, try the following:

    1. Delete the device information of the connected device and perform the pairing again.
      Note: Make sure to select the device name without LE_ for the pairing.
    2. Reset, restart, or initialize the speaker, and pair it with the source device again. For details about the procedures, refer to the speaker's Help Guide.