Stress-free shooting with maximum reliability

Stable audio recording

Thanks to a capacity twice as large as with conventional setups, the improved wireless connectivity greatly reduces the risk of interruption to the audio stream, even in crowded settings with a lot of wireless activity. In a location with good visibility without obstacles, communication is possible at up to 200 meters, allowing greater flexibility in camera and audio setups.

[1] Up to 200m (600ft), in locations with good visibility.
Illustration showing the maximum connection distance up to 200 meters / 600 feet

Long battery life for extended shoots 

There's no need to worry about battery life even during a day of extended outdoor shooting, thanks to the long battery life of the ECM-W2BT. When paired with cameras which supports power supply via an MI Shoe, you can shoot up to nine hours wirelessly0.
Illustration showing the maximum battery life of nine hours with a wireless connection

Dust and moisture resistant 

With its moisture and dust resistant design0, the ECM-W2BT is set up for comfortable outdoor shooting. Its components incorporate weather-sealed seams and port covers to help maximise dust and moisture resistance.
Image of a person using the ECM-W2BT near the water, outdoors