Front view of BRAVIA 9 with screenshot of red and blue water droplets
BRAVIA 9 | XR Processor | Mini LED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Google TV)



Our brightest 4K ever

The flagship. Our brightest ever 4K BRAVIA delivers supreme contrast for the ultimate, most authentic cinematic experience.

BRAVIA 9 (75inch TV design) /

Unparalleled brightness, incomparably beautiful colours

Step into a new realm of realism. Unlike other TVs, our expanded colour volume keeps images vivid and saturated even at high luminance levels, so you see pictures just as the creators intended.

As bright as nature, dazzling and vibrant worlds

Imagine a brilliantly sunlit, snow-covered mountain landscape. With higher luminance than ever, this supremely bright TV can faithfully reproduce natural scenes in absolute detail, even in the brightest daylight.

Definitive contrast. Professional monitor core technology.

Experience a new era in contrast. Similar to the backlight control core technology in our master monitors (professional monitors), XR Backlight Master Drive with a unique local dimming algorithm controls thousands of LEDs precisely for truly authentic contrast.

Over a billion vivid, real-world colours

See the world’s colours with all the vibrance of real life. Our XR Triluminos Pro™ reproduces over a billion of them with the subtle differences from saturation and hue that enables natural shades in every detail.

Crystal clear pictures. Refined and real.

Rediscover detail. XR Clear Image uses a custom database to intelligently convert your favourites to near 4K. Noise is minimised by XR Clear Image through zone division and dynamic frame analysis.

Even fast-moving action stays smooth, bright and clear

Forget about blur. XR Motion Clarity™ analyses movement across several frames and precisely synchronises the backlight with on-screen motion so you see clear, bright images, however fast the action.

Unmatched realism with XR Processor™

Powered for precision. Our XR Processor™ features a scene recognition system that detects and analyses data with flawless accuracy, then optimises the picture for ultimate realism.

Learn about XR Processor™

Beautiful colours. Any angle. Any environment.

Everywhere’s the best seat. With X-Anti Reflection™, pictures are clearer with less reflection and glare. X-Wide Angle™ keeps pictures looking as beautiful from the sides as they do from the centre.

Bring cinematic pictures home

Dive into cinema-like visuals at home. Our home entertainment picture quality expertise helps us faithfully reproduce the creator’s vision with Studio Calibrated modes developed through collaboration with Sony and the world’s top streaming services.

See our calibrated modes

Our most cinematic sound. World’s first TV with Beam Tweeter.

Immerse yourself in expansive cinema-like sound. With the world’s first upward-facing Beam Tweeter in a TV and two frame tweeters, you’ll hear sound from the screen, just like you do at the cinema.

Theatre-like surround, pictures and sound in harmony

Feel like you're in the cinema. Acoustic Multi-Audio+™ with Beam Tweeter at the top and Frame Tweeter at the sides delivers cinematic surround sound. Every sound comes from exactly the right place.

Unprecedented overhead surround sound with Beam Tweeter

Sound without boundaries. Our Beam Tweeter projects sound upwards, reflecting it off the ceiling so aerial effects truly appear to come from overhead. Also, our Frame Tweeter vibrates the frame, projecting immersive sound forwards.

Crystal clear voice. Precise dialogue.

No more muffled voices. Our new Voice Zoom 3™ recognises human dialogue through AI machine learning and amplifies or reduces its volume so even small dialogue sounds loud and clear. Works with our home theatre products too.

Intelligent processing upscales ordinary stereo sound to extraordinary 3D surround.

Be immersed. Our 3D Surround Upscaling creates virtual surround from above and the sides using just the TV speakers. Even 2ch and 5.1ch audio is upscaled to immersive 5.1.2ch sound. What's more, Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® support provides unforgettable spatial sound.

Home Entertainment

With BRAVIA Theatre, home becomes cinema

Fill every corner of your room with soul-stirring cinematic sound. Pairing BRAVIA with BRAVIA Theatre brings the emotion and excitement of a movie theatre home, an unmatched audio-visual experience.

All-round cinematic, go beyond conventional virtual surround sound

It’s nothing short of revolutionary. Our 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology creates phantom speakers beyond physical speakers for a cinema-like layout and true movie theatre entertainment at home.

Sound precisely matches what's on screen

Sound is adjusted as one integrated speaker system. Acoustic Center Sync enables our home theatre equipment to use BRAVIA as a centre speaker so that sound comes from the screen rather than just the soundbar.

Crystal clear voice. Precise dialogue.

No more muffled voices. Our new Voice Zoom 3™ recognises human dialogue through AI machine learning and amplifies or reduces its volume so even small dialogue sounds loud and clear. Works with our home theatre products too.

Ready for 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer

Tailor your Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® experience by combining our wearable speaker or BRAVIA Theatre U with BRAVIA for spatial surround. Works with some Sony Headphones too.

Control your BRAVIA Theatre effortlessly

Easily control features such as sound field and volume using just the TV remote. With an integrated UI, soundbar sound settings automatically appear on the BRAVIA Quick Settings menu.

Single view, simultaneous sound

Our TV with simultaneous sound output lets you listen to a show on your headphones while your partner listens to the same show through the TV speakers. You can also change the volume using Bluetooth devices separately.


Love entertainment. Love the planet.

Great pictures and sound should never compromise the environment. We work tirelessly to help reduce our impact on the planet.


Entertainment you love. With help from Google.

Google TV™ brings together movies, shows, and more from across your apps and subscriptions and organises them just for you.


Harmonic Presence. Blends in naturally.

Everything in harmony. Our new TV designs grace your living space with shapes, materials, colours and surface treatments that blend beautifully with interior décor, walls and home theatre products.

One Slate. Perfect from everywhere.

Totally unified. Our One Slate concept fuses screen and bezel into a single slate, minimising distractions and maximising your experience. The steel stand bends inwards for a beautiful look from every angle.

Grab the handle to turn the TV

Vibration finish. Harmonises with your home.

Designed with an almost invisible bezel. Its naturally warm, smudge-resistant texture blends seamlessly with interior decor, walls and BRAVIA Theatre.

Perfectly integrates TV and soundbar, almost no stand visible

Cleverly concealed. Our Underlay Stand is a thin, flat steel plate designed with a metallic hairline finish. Stack BRAVIA Theatre on top of the stand and it virtually disappears.

Multi-purpose stand fits your style

Absolute flexibility. Our 4-way stand gives you the choice of an outside position, an inside position for smaller shelves or two soundbar positions to meet your viewing preference.

Clutter-free from every angle

No unsightly cables trailing across tabletops. The rear cover and cable holders keep wires neatly hidden for a clutter-free look from the front, back and sides.


Game time. Be invincible.

BRAVIA captures the awesome graphics and soundscapes of today’s games. Want more? Pair with a PlayStation®5 console for absolute immersion.

Our brightest 4K ever

Our flagship Mini LED TV and brightest 4K ever delivers pictures full of unparalleled brightness and incomparably beautiful colours. See all the action come vividly to life, perfectly matched by sound including the world's first Beam Tweeter in a TV. A truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

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    189 cm (75")
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    215 cm (85")

Eco message

Designed with the environment in mind


Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities.

  • Dynamic Backlight Control, or pixel-level lighting control, help improve energy efficiency by adjusting display brightness as picture content changes
  • Power Saving Mode helps save energy by adjusting the display brightness
  • Display Off Mode helps save energy by turning the picture display off without needing to put the TV into full stand-by mode, so audio can still be enjoyed