Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

ILME-FX3 Introducing video transcript

Alpha logo


Title “New Cinematic Freedom”


Top rear view of FX3

Caption “Cinema Line FX3” over shot of FX3 gently rotating to front left viewpoint, with XLR handle attached

Caption “Cinematic Expression”

Caption “Full-frame bokeh for cinematic perspective expression” over near-frontal shot of subject, talking to another subject who has back to camera, with the latter foreground subject and background both showing significant bokeh

Captions “15+ stops* wide dynamic range” and “S-Log3 ungraded” over shot of waterfront and buildings with low sun, with left -> right wipe increasing contrast and vividness of colours, with caption “Graded”

Caption “S-CinetoneTM for cinematic look” over split screen showing close-up profile portrait of female subject. Left caption “Standard (Picture Profile OFF)”; right caption “S-Cinetone (Picture Profile 11)” with substantially different skin tones evident

Caption “Low noise at high sensitivities even under low light” over night shot of river, illuminated bridge and buildings, then user with FX3, with shot displayed on the LCD screen and red tally light on indicating recording in progress; then night shot of two subjects talking, one with face visible and focused, the other with back to camera, with foreground subject and background objects all showing significant bokeh

Caption “Up to ISO 409600*” over post-sunset movie clip of dancers on beach; with caption “ISO 12800”, dancers and beach are almost black; with caption “ISO 51200”, scene is lighter with ocean surface detail visible; with caption “ISO 409600*”, dancers and beach are well-exposed with detail visible and horizon is bright

Caption “High frame rate shooting at up to 120fps at 4K” over slow-motion shots of actors walking in city, then of dancers on beach post-sunset

Caption “Design for comfortable solo shooting”

Caption “The most compact Cinema Line camera at 715 g (1 lb. 9.3 oz.)*” over rear left view of user holding FX3 while walking backwards, shooting movie of subject lying on bed, with shot visible on the camera’s LCD screen and red tally light illuminated

Caption “Supplied XLR handle for stable and comfortable shooting” over clip showing user attaching XLR handle to FX3 camera and finger-tightening screws

Caption “1/4-20 UNC screw holes* for accessory mount without a cage” over 5 shots showing user attaching various accessories to FX3 camera body and XLR handle, and connecting cable

Caption “Active Mode image stabilization* for stable handheld shooting” over rear shot of subject walking down hallway while pulling on clothes, shot by FX3 user walking behind; then shot from a different viewpoint showing both the subject and the user holding the FX3, with red tally light on and LCD screen showing stabilized image

Caption “Additional stabilisation support with camera-shake metadata on Catalyst” over split screen. Left caption: “Stabilisation OFF”; right caption “Stabilised by Catalyst” with Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare logos; same video clip of coastal scenery shot by a walking user is significantly more stable on the right

Caption “Wide coverage 95% x 94% Fast Hybrid AF” over shot of dancers performing in cityscape at night with female subject’s face visible and focused, with overlaid centred rectangle depicting 95% of image width and 94% of height

Caption “Real-time Eye AF in shallow depth-of-field and high frame rates” over portrait of female subject walking toward camera, with white square around one eye (sometimes alternating) showing maintenance of focus on the eye, with significant background bokeh which increases as she approaches

Caption “Convenient and reliable subject tracking by a touch” over two shots, both initially focused on clothes hanging on washing line with bokeh on background buildings, then graphic representing the user’s finger touching a background building on the LCD screen, causing focus to rack to the background building with bokeh now on the foreground clothes. First shot with caption “AF Transition Speed: 1 (Slow)” has a relatively slow focus transition; second shot with caption “AF Transition Speed: 7 (Fast)” has a relatively fast focus transition

Caption “Fully functional responsive AF for efficient solo-shooting” over shot in which three different subjects enter, transit and leave the frame in succession, with the focus transitioning to and tracking each in turn

Caption “Instant AF support in manual-focus mode” over shot focused on female subject sitting on sofa as several people walk across the scene in front of her, with bokeh on a cup on a table in the foreground. Inset picture of FX3 has caption “MF” which transitions to “AF assist” as subject gets up (with face exiting frame) and focus shifts to foreground cup; then back to “MF”

Caption “A variety of Sony’s E-mount lenses to maximise the FX3’s performance” over shot of FX3 with multiple accessories attached, then shot showing a black lens being unmounted from the camera body, then shot of a white lens mounted and being used with the body hand-held, then a wide shot showing a display of all E-mount lenses


Caption “Expandability and operability for content creators”

Caption “Operability and reliability for professional content creation” over rear left view of user holding FX3 with XLR handle attached while walking backwards, shooting movie of subject lying on bed, with shot visible on the camera’s LCD screen and red tally light illuminated; then shot of a different user slowly panning a shot with handheld FX3

Caption “Buttons and controls within reach for single-hand operation” over right side view of user grasping FX3’s grip with right hand, then upper front right view with user’s thumb approaching the "REC" button, then rear right view with user’s thumb below control dial

Caption “Clearly visible tally lights for easy understanding when a camera is rolling” over front left view of FX3 with user’s index finger pressing function button “6” on front and starting to record, as front red tally light and REC button surround are illuminated, then rear left view showing rear red tally light also illuminated, then upper rear right view showing front and rear red tally lights and REC button surround illuminated, with LCD screen extended

Caption “Side-opening vari-angle articulating monitor” over upper rear view of FX3 held in user’s right hand with grip, as user’s left hand opens the LCD screen, extends it to the left and tilts it back and then forward

Caption “Uninterrupted 4K 60p recording*” over line-drawing diagram of FX3 from lower front right, then graphic appears showing internal fan and heatsink with arrows showing heat flow and dissipation

Caption “Tough but lightweight magnesium alloy” over exploded view of chassis components

Caption “Dust and moisture resistance* for outdoor use” over line drawings of upper front left and upper rear right views, showing seals around seams and covers

Caption “Internal 10bit 4:2:2 recording to dual CFexpress Type A compatible media slots” over upper rear right view of FX3 with open media cover, first with caption “CFexpress Type A” and two CFexpress Type A cards partially inserted, then caption “ SDXC/SDHC (UHS-I and UHS-II)” and two SDXC/SDHC cards partially inserted

Caption “Equipped with full HDMI port” over right side view showing HDMI port

Caption “Wired or wireless remote control from PC or mobile devices” with “Imaging Edge” logo over shot of dancers performing in front of user with FX3 on tripod, with another user in foreground holding up a smartphone displaying FX3 controls and the shot from the FX3, with a finger operating the controls

Close-up rotating views of FX3: front left, then upper right rear with tally light and REC button surround illuminated, then upper rear with tally lights and REC button surround illuminated, then views of XLR handle and audio controls


Caption “Cinema Line FX3” over shot of FX3 gently rotating to front left viewpoint, with XLR handle attached


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