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Syncs with Sony products

Get a fuller, richer sound with a wireless subwoofer and rear speakers

Adding an optional subwoofer allows the system to reproduce sound with greater impact and power than before. To take your home cinema experience to a new level, add wireless rear speakers for wider surround sound.

Image of the Sony SA-SW5 subwoofer

SA-SW5 subwoofer

300W of deep, rich bass from a 180mm driver with passive radiator.
See the SA-SW5
Image of the Sony SA-SW3 subwoofer

SA-SW3 subwoofer

200W of sound from a compact bass reflex subwoofer with a 160mm driver.
See the SA-SW3
Image of two Sony SA-RS3S rear speakers

SA-RS3S rear speakers

Total 100W of wider surround sound.
See the SA-RS3S

BRAVIA and Sony Audio, the dream team

Paired with BRAVIA™ TVs, the HT-S2000 brings you a great experience with our best picture and sound quality. 

Effortless control with BRAVIA

With an integrated User Interface (UI), the soundbar sound settings automatically appear on the BRAVIA Quick Settings menu for easy control of features, like Sound Field and volume01.
Image of the BRAVIA quick settings menu

Soundbar position

If you have a BRAVIA with a multi-position stand, you can change the position of the TV stand and fit the HT-S2000 in front of the TV for a clean, elegant look.
Outline 3d image of a TV and soundbar sitting on a TV unit