Game harder, for longer

INZONE H5 Wireless Gaming Headset

With a light-weight build and lower side pressure, the INZONE H5 is ready for even your longest gaming sessions. And with advanced spatial reproduction to keep you immersed, and a microphone that makes sure you're heard, you'll be well on your way to victory.

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A FNATIC gamer adjusting the microphone on the INZONE H5 headphones

Refined for Victory. Advised by Fnatic.

Gaming excellence by Fnatic Pro-Player met INZONE development. INZONE H5 is here through the collaboration.

Let sound give you the edge

360 Spatial Sound for Gaming0 allows you to hear the direction and distance to your opponent, so you can react first and win more. If you want further personalisation, you can customise your sound in the INZONE Hub.
A person holding a plastic gun in a computer-game world aiming at a 3D model with rings around the feet for sound

Light and soft for longer playing

A smooth nylon earpad, low side pressure and soft headband cushion to evenly distribute the light-weight 260 g headphones, all combine to make the INZONE H5 comfortable even for long session.
Image of the INZONE H5 headphones with the microphone in its user position with blue and purple lighting in the background

Clear communication powered by AI

Precise Voice Pickup Technology

A bidirectional boom microphone with AI-based noise reduction technology reduces unwanted noise and picks your voice out from the background, meaning you get clearer communication with your teammates and a better chance at victory.
Image displaying how the INZONE H5 can cut out background noise to allow the gamer's voice to be clearly heard
A gamer sitting at their computer wearing the INZONE H5 headphones

Up to 28 hours' battery life and lower latency

A low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection with USB dongle lets you play freely without cables for up to 28 hours, though you'll always have the option of a wired connection when you want it.
Learn more about wireless & usability
The Sony PS5 logo

Perfect for PlayStation®5

INZONE H5 allow you to enjoy the immersive sound of PlayStation®5's Tempest 3D AudioTech for gaming with great spatial realism. They work seamlessly with PlayStation®5 consoles: see volume status, remaining battery level and microphone mute indicator on screen as you play.

Icon image of 4 speakers all pointing towards a central point

Precise rival detection with 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

Icon image of a feather

Light 260 g total weight and low-pressure fit

Icon image of a microphone

Bidirectional boom microphone with AI-based noise reduction technology

Icon image of a battery

28 hours of battery 

Icon image of a cable

Wireless or wired listening options



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