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Wireless Remote Control not operating properly or not responding at all.

    Check the following.
    Because each of these steps represents a possible solution, check the function of the remote control after completing each step.

    IMPORTANT: If the issue occurs on the Touchpad Remote Control of the Android TV™, check Troubleshooting for Touchpad Remote Control.

    Below are the most common types of wireless remote controls for BRAVIA TV.

    3 types of wireless remote control, A, B, C

    1. Wireless Remote Control (normal type)
    2. Touchpad Remote Control
    3. One-touch Remote Control
    1. Register/re-register the wireless remote.
      You can use the wireless remote only after registering to the BRAVIA TV. Register/re-register the wireless remote using the operation buttons on the BRAVIA TV or infrared remote. Even if you have already registered it, the issue may be improved by re-registering.
      For how to register, refer to the following.
      1. How to pair or re-pair your Voice command remote control to your TV
      2. How to register the touchpad remote.
      3. How to register the One-touch Remote Control to the TV.
    2. If the radio device is installed near the TV or remote, confirm whether there is no influence of the radio device by changing the installation location, etc. Radio emitted from the wireless remote may be affected by radio devices such as a wireless access point (wireless router), radio cordless handset, mobile device, microwave, cordless phone, etc.

    3. When an old splitter is attached near the back of the TV, verify whether the issue is improved by temporarily removing it. There is a possibility that the radio wave which leaks from the old model splitter intervenes with the radio wave of the wireless remote. If you remove the splitter to improve the issue, verify if the issue is improved after you replace the old splitter with the new one.
    4. Update the TV software to the latest version.
      There is a chance that symptoms may improve by updating to the latest software.
      • Operate using the buttons on the TV or another remote.
      • Download and update processes will take time.

    The troubleshooting steps above should resolve the issue. If you completed all the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required or the remote may need replaced. Go to Product Repair.