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How to adjust the zoom speed of the SELP18200 lens.

    The zoom speed can be adjusted two ways.

    • Slide the zoom lever slightly to zoom slowly and slide it fully to zoom quickly.
    • Set the zoom speed switch to H for high speed, M for medium speed or L for low speed.

    It is possible to have 6 different zoom speeds when using the zoom lever and the zoom speed switch functions. The time to move the lens from the wide end to the telephoto end is as follows:

    When sliding the zoom level fully:

    • L (low speed): 24 seconds
    • M (medium speed): 16 seconds
    • H (high speed): 8 seconds

    When sliding the zoom level slightly:

    • L (low speed):30 seconds
    • M (medium speed): 20 seconds
    • H (high speed): 12 seconds

    NOTE: Some cameras may allow the zoom speed to be adjusted in the camera menu itself or by using the zoom lever of the camera.