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Notice to Customers of Sony VAIO Personal Computers Regarding Use of Genuine Sony Rechargeable Battery Packs

    Sony VAIO computer customers are requested to use only genuine Sony VAIO rechargeable battery packs.

    Sony has discovered that third-party supplied battery packs for use with VAIO computers can cause safety dangers, including overheating, catching on fire, emitting fumes or disintegration of the battery packs.

    Some of these battery packs manufactured and sold by third parties are marked 'For use with Sony VAIO Computers.' However, they may not comply with the Sony quality standards, specifications and requirements for long-time, high-power voltage usage of rechargeable batteries.

    For your safety, we would like to remind you to use only genuine Sony rechargeable battery packs, that meet our quality assurance standards, for your VAIO computer. Furthermore, Sony does not accept any responsibility for any damage or failure caused by third-party battery packs; and Sony battery packs that have been tampered with or disassembled by users.

    Contact: For further information, please contact your nearest VAIO customer contact/information centre, as follows :

    Australia (61) 1300 13 8246
    China (86) 800-820-2228
    Hong Kong (852) 2389-3202
    Korea (82) 080-777-2000 or (82) 02-3273-2000
    Malaysia (60) 1-300-88-1233 or (60) 03-7725-3900
    New Zealand (64) 09 308 0200
    Saudi Arabia (966) 02-6646611
    Singapore (65) 6544-8600
    South Africa (27) 011 690-3555
    Thailand (66) 02-715-6100
    UAE (971) 800-4182