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What is JEITA measuring standard?

What is JEITA measuring standard?

    About JEITA Measuring Standard:

    1. Wait for 30 minutes after Windows starts.
    2. Turn-on Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and GP. *1
    3. Turn-off NFC. *1
    *1: Move to Charm -> Settings -> Change PC settings -> Wireless

    4. Move to Desktop - Charm -> Settings -> Control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Change when the computer sleeps -> Change advance power settings:

    �-Sleep after On battery : Never
    -Hibernate after On battery : Never

    �-Dim display after On battery : 0 Minutes
    -Turn off display after On battery : Never
    �-Display brightness On battery : 0%

    -Critical battery action On battery : Shut down
    -Low battery level On battery : 0%
    -Critical battery level On battery : 100%
    -Low battery notification On battery : Off
    -Low battery action On battery : Do nothing

    JEITA Measuring Method A:
    MPEG file for the measurement is reproduced continuously with WMP.
    Do not change WMP size.
    Do not set full-screen.