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This program will update VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) Help to version

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VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) Help Update version
File name: EP0000600989.exe
File size: 15.38 MB (16123904 bytes)

File Info

File Name

  • VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) Help Update version

File Version


File Size

  • 15.38 MB

Release Date

  • 2014-01-18

System Requirements

  • Windows 8 64bit



1. Download the file to a temporary or download directory (Please note this directory for reference later).
2. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click EP0000600989.exe.
3. Follow the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.
4. After installation is completed, please restart the computer.

To check if installation is successful:
a) In the computer shutdown condition, press the [ASSIST] button.
b) Press the F10 key or select  the "Recover or maintain your system F10" and press the [Enter] key.
c) Select the language and  the keyboard layout setting that you like if necessary.
d) Select the "Troubleshoot" option and press the [Enter] key.
e) Select the "VAIO recovery solutions" option and press the [Enter] key.
f) Select the "Restart" button and press the [Enter] key.
g) After reboot, "VAIO Care (Rescue Mode): VAIO recovery solutions" screen will be displayed.
h) Select the "Version"  text link and click "More information" pull down button and confirm the version information of "Main Program"  library.

   For SVD1322 Series, the version information is
   For the all other models, the version information is