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The built-in flash does not function.

The built-in flash does not function.

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The following are possible causes. Try a solution according to the circumstances.

If the flash setting is Off: If set toImage Off, the flash will not work evben if dark.
Change the flash setting toImage On, and then see if the flash will work.


  • If the flash cannot be set to On for a reason such as Intelligent Auto mode being set, change to Program Auto.
  • On some cameras, the flash unit will need to be raised manually first.


If set to a shooting mode where flash cannot be used: The flash setting is fixed to ImageOff in some shooting modes, such as when set to Image High Sensitivity/Night Scene Night Scene/Image Fireworks/Image Anti Motion Blur in Scene Selection, Continuous Shooting, or Bracket.
Change the shooting mode or setting.

If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need to be repaired.