• Weight

        Approx. 930g

      • Water Resistance

        O-ring, 1 latches

      • Dimensions (W x H x D)

        159 x 148 x 203mm

      • Included Accessories

        Shoulder strap, camera mounting shoe (A, B, C), tripod screw plate, reflex prevention ring (25, 30mm), grease, spacer, anti fogging lens solution and desiccant

      • Operating Temperature

        +40 to +0°C

      • Controllable Switch

        Power on / off, Mode Select (CAMERA, MEMORY, VCR), REC Start / Stop, Photo Recording, Variable Zoom (2 steps)

      • Usable Depth

        Up to 5 meters

      • Storage Temperature

        +60 to -20°C

      • Material

        Plastic(PC), silicon rubber and glass

      • Under Water Microphone