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What is "one-touch sharing"?

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One-touch sharing wirelessly transfer photos, music, website links and more between smartphones and tablets simply by touching two devices together. You can also transfer high-resolution photos from a camera or transfer website links to a computer.

NOTE: NFC technology on computers can only transfer website addresses as of the moment. Work is being done in the Windows platform to add more NFC capability.

You need...

  • a smartphone or tablet.
    Content that can be shared: photos, videos, website URLs, etc.
  • an NFC compatible Sony camera with built-in Wi-Fi and a mobile device with the PlayMemories Mobile app.
    Content that can be shared: photos and videos (MP4)

    NOTE: For details on supported OSes and required operating environment, refer to the following website.
    PlayMemories Mobile support page:

  • a smartphone or tablet and a VAIO with built-in NFC.
    Content that can be shared: website URLs