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Notice to Owners of Sony’s Digital Still Camera, Camcorder, CLIÉ Handheld Computer and Professional Camcorder (DVCAM format)


    Termination of free out of warranty repair of the CCD image sensor

    Thank you for your support and patronage of Sony products.

    Sony will terminate the free out of warranty repair on November 30, 2009 for owners of applicable Sony products, announced on October 3, 2005 under “Notice to Owners of Sony Digital Still Camera, Camcorder, CLIÉ Handheld Computer and Professional Camcorder (DVCAM format)”.


    If you would like to have applicable Sony products checked, or for further information on relevant products and the repair service, please click on the following links to the respective product categories:

    • Digital Still Camera
    • Camcorder
    • CLIÉ Handheld Computer (PEG-NZ90/G and PEG-NZ90/H)
    • Professional Camcorder (DVCAM format)

    Thank you for your understanding of this situation.

    (Privacy policy)
    Personal information, such as your name, mailing address and/or telephone number, provided to the Sony service centre shall be kept and used by Sony only for responding to your inquiries related to this announcement, the free repair service mentioned in this announcement and other related services. In certain cases, your personal information may be given to third-party companies to whom Sony has consigned certain elements of such service. In this event, Sony will ensure that such third-party companies abide by the same strict guidelines with regard to the use, storage and disposal of your personal information.

    *Please contact your local Sony service centre if you wish to inquire, modify, erase or suspend use of your personal information provided in connection with this announcement.  (Please be advised that in the case of erasing or suspending use of your personal information, Sony might not be able to provide appropriate services in accordance with the purpose of usage mentioned above.)