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Why does the screen change to Resolution: 1024x768 sometimes when the display mode is switched to LCD?

    When the display mode is switched to an external monitor, the screen changes from Resolution: 1280x768 to Resolution: 1024x768.

    When the display is switched to the LCD using the Fn+F7 keys, the resolution becomes the same as the Zoom Out mode.
    Note: The resolution in the Zoom Out mode is usually set to Resolution: 1280x768 (XGA). However, it may be changed to Resolution: 1024x768 sometimes.
    That is why this symptom occurs when switching the display.

    To change the resolution in the Zoom Out mode:
    1. Press the Fn+F7 keys to show the images on the LCD only.
    2. Right-click any open area on the screen and click >Properties.
    3. From Display Properties, change the resolution to 1280 x 768.