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Why is the Windows computer unable to recognize the Micro Vault automatically?

Windows® 2000, Windows® Me, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 unable to recognize the Micro Vault automatically.

    This may happen when the standard Plug and Play device driver for the operating system does not detect the Plug and Play device under the following circumstances:

    1. The computer environment has recently been upgraded.
    2. The Plug and Play device driver may be outdated.
    3. The USB port on the PC may be defective.
    4. Using the Micro Vault with unsupported operating systems. Please click here to check the OS compatibility chart.
    5. The USB switch in the BIOS of older PCs may be turned OFF. Please read the PCs instruction manual and turn the USB functions in the BIOS ON. (We do not recommend beginner PC users to change the BIOS settings.)
    6. If the host device does not recognize the Micro Vault Tiny, please make sure that the device is plugged in correctly as described in the product package.

    In the first two instances, the Plug and Play device driver must be restored before proceeding to connect the Micro Vault to the PC. Proceed to the Microsoft support website and look up the section on Windows Update for any updates if necessary.

    In the third instance, please do a functional check with another USB device to confirm the functional status of the USB port.

    Please approach the nearest Authorized SONY Service Centre  for a diagnosis of the Micro Vault if the computer continues to fail to detect the Micro Vault.


    • USM-LX, USM-L, USM-JX, USM512FL, USM-H, USM-EX Turbo model does not support Windows 98/98SE.