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How to set hybrid HDD power saving mode function in Windows Vista?

Setting hybrid HDD power saving mode function in Windows Vista.

    Hybrid HDD power saving mode positively reads and writes to the flash memory,
    and reduces the generation of physical operation of HDD to save the power.

    Reference Information:
    Hybrid Hard Disk And ReadyDrive? Technology (from Microsoft website)


    Please refer to the steps below to set hybrid HDD function.
    1. Click Control Panel - Change battery settings.
    2. Click Change the plan setting - Change advanced power settings.
    3. Select Hard disk option in Power Options dialog, and set On Battery and Plugged In arbitrarily. Click OK to save the current settings.


    1. This solution is only applicable to VAIO notebook models that comes with hybrid HDD.

    2. Hybrid HDD: it adopts technologies from a standard hard drive and newer flash drives. Essentially, it is a standard hard drive that has flash memory installed on it as well. It uses much less energy and extends a notebook overall battery life.