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Associating an application with a file type

    In Windows 95/98, how do I associate an application with a file type?

    1) Double click the [My Computer] icon. This will open up a folder that shows all of the drives located on your system.
    2) From the [View] menu, select [Options].
    3) Another window will open with three tabs. Click the tab labeled [File types].
    4) Click [New Type] button.
    5) Fill in the first two lines. The [Description of type] should be the name you want to call this association. The Associated extension should be the file extension (the letters after the period in the filename) that you want to associate.
    6) Click [New]. The next screen that comes up will allow you to associate an action and an application to the file types you have specified. In the [Action] line, type [open], this will cause a file with the specified extension to open with the associated application any time that the file is double clicked.
    7) In the next line, type the full path to the application Windows 95 should use to open the file. When you have finished with this, click [OK].
    8) You will be taken back to the previous screen. If all the information is correct, click on [Close] button. You will see the newly created icon in the window. and then click [Close] button again.

    For example, suppose you want to associate all files that have the extension ".txt" with the NotePad application that comes with Windows 98:
    1) Double click My Computer.
    2) Go to the View menu and select Options...
    3) Click the File Types tab.
    4) Click New Type...
    5) Description of type: Text
    6) Associated extension: .txt
    7) Click New...
    8) Action: open
    9) Application used to perform action: C:\windows\notepad.exe
    10) Click OK.
    11) Click Close.
    You would then have associated all files with the extension .txt to open up with the notepad application.