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Why does an error occur during e-mail transmissions and the server stops responding?

    During e-mail transmissions, the server stop responding and the error code 0x800CCC19 appears.

    This symptom could be due to the timeout duration when connecting to the server. To resolve this symptom, extend the timeout duration with steps below:

    The steps below are based on Outook Express 6.0 that is installed on Windows?XP computer. Messages may differ by model and environment.

    1. Start Outlook Express. Click Toolsand click Accounts.
    2. Click Mail, select the e-mail account and click Properties.
    3. Click Advance and move the Server Timeouts slider to the right to increase the timeout duration. Click OK.
    4. Click Close and click Send/Receive to check whether e-mails can be sent and receive successfully.

    If the symptom persists, please disable resident software.
    The symptom may be resolved when resident software such as anti-virus and firewall software are disabled.
    After disabling the resident software, try to send/receive e-mails again.