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Can all cameras take up to 20fps AF/AE Burst mode?

Which Xperia 1 II camera lenses support 20 fps AF/AE (Burst mode)? / Which Xperia 5 II camera lenses support 20 fps AF/AE (Burst mode)?

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    20fps AF/AE burst shooting is supported only in the 24mm(wide) camera in Photography Pro. With continuous calculations of autofocus and exposures up to 60 times per second, you'll get clear, in-focus shots of even fast-moving scenes. And it also realizes the Real-time Eye AF on humans and animals.
    Other lenses support 10fps AF/AE burst with calculations of up to 30 times per second AF/AE.

    Note:  From Xperia 1 III onwards, the Camera app function has been merged to Photography Pro basic mode.