Article ID : 00189340 / Last Modified : 10/11/2019

What should I do if I lose one side of the headset or the charging case?

How can I purchase just the charging case or one side of the headphones?

    The left and right units of the wireless headset and the charging case require connection settings that can only be set at the authorized Service Center.

    When the charging case or a unit of the headset is lost, the remaining unit(s) and / or charging case can be sent for service.
    Note that the charging case and single units of the headset are not sold separately.

    Please send the remaining headset unit(s) and / or charging case to the Service Center. The missing charging case or headset unit is replaced, and the headset will be returned to the customer after completing connection settings.

    NOTE: The warranty doesn't cover the cost of replacing the missing items and the replacement of headset/charging case will be subject to a service fee.

    Contact the Service Center.Go to Product Repair.