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Notice to owners of FM/AM Clock Radio ICF-CL75iP by Sony - Updated on 17th February 2011


    Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

    Sony is offering a firmware update version 1.07 for FM/AM Clock Radio ICF-CL75iP.

    [Applicable models]

    [Symptoms Fixed]
    With the products above, customers may experience the following symptoms. The symptoms will be fixed by this firmware update.

    - Clock Display Mode changes to the primary setting (Big Clock) if the alarm is allowed to sound until it automatically stopped (one hour from the alarm start time).

    - Display brightness changes to the primary setting (High) when AC power is turned OFF and then ON.

    - Under certain circumstance, the alarm may not sound at the time set.

    [Applicable firmware version]
    - For ICF-CL75iP, Ver.1.00, Ver.1.01, Ver.1.02, Ver.1.03,Ver.1.04,Ver.1.05 or Ver.1.06

    * In case the firmware version of the unit is already 1.07, there is no need to apply this firmware update program.

    [How to perform a version check]
    1. Switch on the unit. Once the screen is displayed, press the HOME button.

    2. Select General Settings and press the ENTER button.

    3. Select Unit information and press the ENTER button.
    4. The following information is then displayed on the screen.
    Check the number displayed after S/W Version. If 1.04 and below is listed, proceed with the firmware update.


    [Supported pre-installed operating systems]
    - Windows® 7
    - Windows Vista®
    - Windows® XP
    - Mac OS X

    [Other system requirements]
    - Equipped with a SD memory card slot

    [Storage media]
    - SD™ MEMORY CARD (64 MB or greater)
    (Please note that the USB memory/MEMORY STICK™ /MultiMedia Card™ cannot be used)

    [Update procedure]
    Please access the link below to download the firmware update.

    Firmware Update Version 1.07 for FM/AM Clock Radio ICF-CL75iP 

    If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact your local service centre. A list of the Sony service centres can be found in the Service Centres page.

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