Article ID : 00181361 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Notification of a firmware update program for Seagate-made Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in some VAIO models


    Dear Valued VAIO customer,

    As part of communication from Seagate Technology LLC (“Seagate”), the Seagate-made Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), which are equipped in some VAIO models, have a failure.  We would like to inform our customers of the information and countermeasure for our VAIO models which are equipped with the aforementioned Seagate-made HDDs.

    As a result of our internal investigation based on the information from Seagate, we have confirmed that some VAIO models which were launched between May 2008 and February 2009 are equipped with the aforementioned Seagate-made HDDs and have a possibility of not being able to boot.

    In order to solve this problem, we are now offering the firmware update program designed for VAIO models.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Your understanding and cooperation on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

    Some desktop types and extension line products are affected. Notebook models are NOT affected. Below are the affected VAIO models:

    • VGC-LV17G
    • VGC-LN15T
    • VGX-TP3G/B
    • VGX-TP3G/W
    • VGX-TP3T/B
    • VGX-TP3L/B

    There are two ways of getting the firmware update program:

    1. Free CD containing the update program can be sent to customers.
    2. Customers can download the update program from the website.

    Please click here to confirm if your VAIO is affected and needs firmware update program.

    The Sony Contact Centers’ telephone numbers can be found in the Service Centers' page.

    Below are the Questions and Answers related to the Seagate HDD issue:

    Q. What is a firmware?
    A. It is a built-in software to control the function of a HDD.

    Q. Can the firmware update program offered by Seagate be used on the VAIO?
    A. Sony has not confirmed if Seagate-made firmware update program work properly on VAIO PCs. Therefore, we would recommend you to use the firmware update program for VAIO.

    Q.  Can I use my VAIO normally when this problem occurs?
    A. When this problem occurs in your VAIO, you cannot access to the Hard Disk Drive. Therefore, you also cannot use your VAIO. If your model is listed as affected, we would recommend you to update the firmware program as soon as possible.