Article ID : 00181069 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Windows Vista Compatibility Announcement For Computer Related Accessories


    Because of the release of the new OS Windows Vista from Microsoft Corporation on January 30th, 2007, we would like to announce a list of our computer related accessories which will be compatible with it.

    Also, we will update the list of the compatible devices and the methods, and upload to this support page. Therefore, please check the contents of them in the support page.

    Compatible products

    • Active Speaker
    • Head Set
    • Mouse

    Active Speaker


    Head Set





    If you upgrade the pre-installed OS to Windows Vista, it is out of our guarantee.

    * Regarding VAIO Windows Vista Compatible PC, if you upgrade with the supplement disk, the compatibility will be guaranteed.

    Supported editions are:

    - Windows Vista Home Basic

    - Windows Vista Home Premium

    - Windows Vista Business

    - Windows Vista Ultimate

    * 64 bit version is not supported.

    Devices they are not listed in this page are not guaranteed to be compatible with Windows Vista.