Article ID : 00181046 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Capture Driver For VAIO PCG-C1MT And PCG-C1MTL Users Who Installed The BIOS, Video and Capture Driver Update Program Before 29th August 2002.

    BIOS Version R0224E0
    * This BIOS firmware will resolve the following symptoms:
    1. Unstability during return from standby.
    2. Incorrect display of the amount of memories sometimes.
    3. Improve display noise problem.
    4. Sometimes the profile is not changed to AC Profile when the AC adapter is connected.
    5. USB 2.0-ready PC card does not work sometimes after the installation of Windows® XP Service Pack 1 (SP1).

    Capture Driver Version
    * This driver will resolve the following symptoms:
    1. Image produced in Netmeeting in the other party computer is inverted.
    2. The bit rate image captured under MOTIONEYE MPEG2 format is 15fps.
    3. Computer restarts or error message appeared when using Webcam function in Yahoo Messager.

    Video Driver Version
    * This driver will resolve the following symptoms:
    1. Overlay tab error under Dual View.
    2. Green-belt noise appears at the bottom of the screen during DVD playback. (Note: Do not try switching the display to other output devices while the DVD is being playback.)
    3. The System Setting Change dialog causes system hang.
    4. The Details tab in Mobility Radeon Properties causes an error dialog.
    5. The LCD fades to white color when the computer hibernates.