Article ID : 00180552 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

DSC-F717 Auto Focus Symptom

    Sony's Digital Still Camera, DSC-F717, that are produced during the initial production period have the symptom of being out of focus. It occurs because the hologram AF does not function properly when it is used under dark illumination, and recorded pictures become out of focus.

    Sony will repair the units at Sony's Authorized Service Centers. The range of serial numbers listed below shows the Digital Still Cameras that are affected. Please check the serial number of your Digital Still Camera and if it is one of them, please contact your local Sony Contact Center for further assistance.

    Serial Number Range (for Asia Pacific region)
    E32 1890001-1895150
    AU2 1980001-1980600
    HK1 1970001-1970850
    KR2 1960001-1961845
    CN5 1990001-1992800

    Please refer to the Support Network section in this website for the relevant contact numbers.