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How to watch the TV in 3D on Android TV

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To enjoy 3D contents on the TV, a compatible 3D glasses with a 3D supported TV will be required. Depending on the product origin and model, 3D glasses may be supplied with the TV. Optional 3D glasses will need to be purchased separately if it is not supplied with the TV.

For details on the compatible 3D glasses for your TV, please refer to The compatibility chart of the 3D glasses for Android TV (2016/2015 models)

You can also check the detailed instructions in the following video. (The video uses the KJ-43X8500C as an example.)

  • 00:27 - Preparing the 3D glasses
  • 01:49 - Registering the Active 3D Glasses
  • 02:45 - Watching TV in 3D
  • 03:32 - Changing the battery

Preparing the 3D glasses
There are two types of 3D Glasses: Passive 3D Glasses and Active 3D Glasses. The type of glasses you use for your TV varies with different TV models. What is the difference between active and passive 3D glasses?

  • For models supporting the Passive 3D Glasses
    Purchase the Passive 3D Glasses (TDG-500P). You can enjoy your 3D contents by just wearing the glasses.

  • For models supporting the Active 3D Glasses
    Use the supplied 3D Glasses (TDG-BT400A) or if your TV is not supplied with the 3D Glasses, purchase the optional 3D Glasses (TDG-BT500A). When using the 3D Glasses for the first time, registration of the Active 3D Glasses to the TV is required. Follow the steps below:

    NOTE: Once the registration is complete, you can enjoy your 3D contents by just turning on the power of the 3D glasses.

    1. Remove the battery's insulation sheet from the Active 3D Glasses.
      Remove the battery's insulation sheet
    2. Hold the glasses within 50 cm (1.6 ft.) of the TV.
    3. Press and hold the power button(Power) button/indicator on the glasses for 2 seconds.
      Hold the glasses within 50 cm (1.6 fit.)
    4. The Active 3D Glasses turn on and registration starts.
      The power button(Power) button/indicator blinks green and yellow during registration.
    5. When registration is finished, a message appears on the TV screen for 5 seconds, and the power button(Power) button/indicator lights up in green for 3 seconds.
      If registration fails, the Active 3D Glasses will turn off automatically. In this case, repeat the procedure from step 2.

    NOTE: For checking the registration of the 3D glasses to the TV, refer to How to check whether the 3D glasses are registered to the TV.

Watching the TV in 3D

  1. Show the desired content you watch in 3D on the TV screen.
  2. Put on the 3D glasses.
    • Passive 3D Glasses: Just put on the Passive 3D Glasses
    • Active 3D Glasses: Turn on the power of the glasses and put on the Active 3D Glasses

If no 3D effect is achieved, perform the following steps.

  1. Press the ACTION MENU button.
  2. Select 3D.
  3. Select the 3D display mode to suit the displayed content.
    Depending on the input signal or format, 3D (Side by Side)/3D (Over-Under) may not be selectable.

In the case for Active 3D Glasses:

  • Check the remaining battery level. When the battery level is low, the power button(Power) button/indicator will blink in green for 3 times every 2 seconds. Replace the battery if this happens.
  • If the 3D images are unstable, it may be due to radio interference between the Active 3D Glasses and other wireless devices nearby. To improve the situation, try to turn off the other wireless devices or keep them at a distance away from the TV and Active 3D Glasses.

For other troubleshooting, refer to the following FAQs:

3D photos or 3D movies cannot be played from a USB memory stick or the Home network.
When viewing 3D contents on YouTube, the 3D display item from the Action Menu is grayed out.
Cannot set 3D settings to third-party apps after applying a TV software update.