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Hi-Res Audio Player does not recognize the device, and cannot play back music.

    If you encounter the error, "No output device has been selected" is displayed on the Hi-Res Audio Player, check the following:

    1. For a Windows PC, make sure the driver for the USB DAC device is installed.
      1. Open the Device Manager from the Control Panel, etc.
      2. Select Sound, video and game controllers.
      3. Check that Audio Driver is installed.


      • When connected to a Windows PC, the driver is automatically installed. If it is not installed automatically, download the driver from the Sony support website, then install it.
      • For Mac OS, the preinstall driver works instead, so there is no need to check the above.
        Mac OS X 10.11 is not supported. If you do not have a supported OS version, use another supported application, such as iTunes. (As of Oct 2015)
    2. Check the device setting of the Hi-Res Audio Player.
      1. Select Device from the Configure menu.
      2. Select the connected device from the Device drop-down list and press OK.
        • For a Portable Speaker, select Sony Audio Driver.
        • For a Digital Media Player, select:
          Sony ASIO driver or ASIO driver for SONY PHA-1A.