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Parts of the recorded images are white or appear washed out.

    Make sure that the lens surface is clean.
    If the lens surface is soiled, wipe it with a soft cloth such as an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

    Make sure that the camera is not pointed against the light source.
    If there is a strong light source nearby or back-light when shooting, parts or the entire recorded image may be white or washed out due to the extra light coming into the lens. This phenomenon is called lens flare.

    In this case, follow the procedures below to reduce the flare.

    • Change the composition of the shot and/or subject so that the strong light source does not come into the lens.
    • Move closer to the subject, slide the zoom lever to the W side, and then shoot.
    • Hold up your hand near the lensso that the light source does not come into the lens directly