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Certain Internet video applications are lost or are no longer accessible.

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Internet video applications (apps) may disappear from the menu and the error message Service has not started in this region may appear when the Internet video device detects an Internet Protocol (IP) error. This error indicates that either the device is being used in a country or region where Internet video is not supported for the device or the IP address being used is incorrect.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

NOTE: Each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue.

  1. Make sure that the latest system software update has been installed. If it has not been installed, perform the software update.
  2. Since the Internet video function is region specific, make sure that the device is not being used outside of the country.
  3. Make sure that the device has been properly set up to access Internet Video content .

If the error continues to appear after following the steps above, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to verify the IP being used and for additional assistance.

If certain Internet video services suddenly became missing or different Internet video services are appearing, confirm if the services on the TV screen are same as ones provided by Sony in the country where the product is being used.

NOTE: For the correct services provided by Sony, please confirm with Sony official product information website or check it with actual device.

  • In the case where the services on the TV screen are the same as ones provided by Sony in the country where the product is being used, this is not a malfunction.
  • In the case where the services on the TV screen are different than the ones provided by Sony to the country where the product is being used, wait an hour and try accessing the Internet Video channels again. The wait is required so that the TV connects to the new database system and the proper services are accessed.
  • If the condition remains unchanged even after an hour or more, please follow these steps .

Response to additional questions or comments that a customer may have:

  1. What services changed and why?
    Sony provides services suitable for the country of customer's residence that is identified by global IP address information. A recent change in the database system improved the reliability and accuracy of the identification.
  2. Please return the services back to previous ones.
    It is not possible because the current condition is more accurate for the location.
  3. Please refund my subscription fee for the premium service that I no longer have access to.
  • In the case of PlayStation Video, refer the customer to PlayStation Network web site for support information.
  • In case of other services such as Netflix, Amazon or others, the premium service contracts are made between the customers and the service providers. Sony is not responsible for third party services. Please consult with applicable service provider.