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How to reset the Reader Digital Book.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article before starting these steps.

    There are two different types of reset procedures you can do on your Reader™ Digital Book - soft and hard.

    Soft Reset

    IMPORTANT: A soft reset can be performed anytime and will resolve most issues.

    1. Locate the reset button access hole. It is labeled RESET and, depending on your model, can be found on the back or bottom of your Reader device.
    2. Using a thin object such as a paper clip or stylus (included with touch models), press the RESET button.
    3. The screen will not change after pressing the RESET button. You must now slide the POWER switch or press the POWER button (PRST1 only) to turn on the Reader device again.

    Hard Reset

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. After doing a hard reset, you will need to restore your content. Your purchased books can be restored from your account at the Reader store.


    • You should only do a hard reset if necessary and as the last step for troubleshooting.
    • After you do a hard reset, your Reader device will need to be authorized again from your Reader store account.

    The steps to do a hard reset vary by model. Select your model from the list: