Images of Wireless Radio Commander
Images of Wireless Radio Commander
Images of Wireless Radio Commander
Images of Wireless Radio Commander
Images of Wireless Radio Commander
Images of Wireless Radio Commander

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New software is now available

Thanks to the version 3.0 (or later) software update, external flash can be controlled from the camera.

Camera icon
Camera Compatibility

Follow the link below to find compatible cameras. Some cameras may require a software update for use.

Radio remote flash control for creative lighting ideas

Trigger multiple flash units or multiple camera shutters

Connect the FA-WRC1M to up to 15 wireless receivers (FA-WRR1) for radio wireless flash control of even large lighting setups. Use your existing α flash units like HVL-F60M, F43M or F32M over a wide range of up to 30 m (98.4 ft.). With flash unit grouping you can expand your lighting in inventive ways. With the multi-terminal connection on radio receivers, you can also trigger multiple simultaneous camera shutters for boundless creativity.

Creative freedom with minimum equipment

Control multiple flashes for unique looks

Spend less time setting up and more time capturing great images. After attaching FA-WRC1M to your compatible camera, attach up to 15 radio receivers to flashes, then quickly and easily pair FA-WRC1M to each receiver. Pair up to 15 receivers within up to 5 groups for accurate radio transmissions. Easily control multiple flash units for more creative lighting options.

Commander and receiver pairing

Pair with the receiver for reliable radio transmission

15 receivers within 5 groups

Combine up to 15 receivers, within up to 5 groups

Reliable and precise control in any setting

Radio signals deliver more detailed, more precise shooting information over a wider shooting area (about 30 m / 98.4 ft.). Signals reach wireless receivers, even in bright light or around obstacles, even when installed behind the camera. Achieve more consistent results without pairing errors.

Wide shooting area
Reach deep into the composition
Bright light
Reliable also in bright light
Leap over subjects and obstacles
Remote setting confirmation
Convenient remote flash setting confirmation

Remotely adjust flash settings on FA-WRC1M. Easily control complex lighting setups alone or with a small crew. Confirm exposure compensation, flash intensity, etc. or independently adjust receiver settings. Adjust flash strength or use Zoom to change flash angles.

Remotely control multiple shutters
Use remote release function to control multiple cameras

Simultaneously release shutters on multiple cameras using remote shooting function. Use separately sold Multi-Terminal cables to connect wireless radio receivers to cameras to accurately and reliably shoot one subject from multiple angles at the same time. 

Remote release function
Essential wireless radio system components

Combine these tools for complete wireless radio control

To enjoy wireless flash triggering, you must pair the FA-WRC1M wireless radio commander with at least one wireless radio receiver (FA-WRR1) for a complete wireless radio control system. Add Multi-Terminal cables (VMC-MM1) between cameras and receivers to further expand the possibilities of your wireless radio control system with remote and multi-angle shooting.

Wireless Radio Receiver
Wireless radio receiver for multiple off-camera flash setups

Attach the FA-WRR1 wireless radio receivers (sold separately) to flashes to instantly set up wireless radio connections for reliable off-camera flash sync. 

Multi-Terminal Connecting Cable
Multi-Terminal cable for remote release function

Use the VMC-MM1 Multi-Terminal cable (sold separately) to connect receivers to cameras, so you can simultaneously trigger multiple remote camera shutters with the wireless radio commander.

Lighting System

Specifications & Features

  • Up to 30 m (98.4 ft) radio wireless range for reliable and precise control in any setting

  • Controls up to 15 compatible flash units, and 5 groups, using wireless receivers

  • Three exposure controls with convenient TTL (through-the-lens) metering, manual and group modes

  • Built-in Sync Terminal

  • Remote control multi-camera shutter release with FA-WRR1 wireless receivers and multi-terminal cables

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