DSLR-like cameras

Take better photos every time with our DSLR-like cameras. Discover how our range brings out the best in each picture, and then select the model that’s perfect for you.

Get more from every shot

Enjoy superior performance with a Sony DSLR-like camera. Our models feature large Exmor sensors and ultra-fast BIONZ X image processors that deliver crisp, sharp images bursting with vibrant colour. They’re compatible with a wide range of ZEISS and Sony G Lenses, too, so you’ll be able to capture stunning shots in any conditions.

Design of DSLR-like camera from Sony
Image captured with Sony's best DSLR-like camera
Discover new details

Pick up one of  Sony’s best DSLR-like cameras and expand your creative horizons. With improved dynamic range, decreased noise levels, and superior low-light performance, your shots will retain their clarity and sharpness. Enhanced resolution adds rich detail and texture, letting you capture every scene just as you see it.

Clear photos, every time

Make photos come to life with our best DSLR-like cameras. Our backlit Exmor CMOS sensors capture more detail, so you’re free to zoom, crop and enlarge images without sacrificing quality. Textures are enriched by the high-speed BIONZ X image processor, which reduces noise and makes photos bright and clear with lifelike detail.

Processor of digital SLR-like camera from Sony
Lenses for Sony DSLR-like cameras
Take control of your camera

Adapt to any environment with the flexibility of our DSLR-like cameras. With a choice of A-mount and E-mount lenses available, you’ll be able to find a setup that’s perfect for your shooting conditions. Whether it’s sunny days or dusky sunsets, our lenses infuse every picture with stunning detail and vibrant colour.

Sony's digital SLR-like camera with NFC and WiFi connectivity
Connect and share in an instant

Select DSLR-like cameras from Sony feature built-in NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity – making sharing your favourite photos and movies with friends and family easier than ever before.  With a single touch, you can instantly transfer content from your camera to an Android tablet or smartphone, without wires or complicated set-up.