Full Specifications & Features



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Size & Weight

Dimensions (D x L)
89 x 58.5mm (3-5/8 x 2-3/8in.), 89 x 58.5 mm
418 g, 418g (14.8oz.)

Lens Specifications

Sony-E mount
35mm full frame
Focal-Length (mm)
16mm (With SEL28F20)
Focal Length (35mm) (APS-C)
24mm (With SEL28F20), 24 mm
Lens Groups / Elements
4 / 5
Angle of View (APS-C)
105° (With SEL28F20), 105°
Angle of View (35mm)
180° (With SEL28F20), 180°
Maximum aperture (F)
3.5 (With SEL28F20)
Minimum Aperture (F)
22 (With SEL28F20), 22
Maximum Magnification ratio
0.14 , 0.14x (With SEL28F20)
Minimum Focus Distance
0.22m (0.73ft) (With SEL28F20), 0.22 m


"35mm equivalent focal-length (APS-C)" and "Angle of View (APS-C)" are with interchangeable-lens digital camera incorporating APS-C type image sensors.

What's In The Box

  • Lens front cap
  • Lens rear cap
  • Case


Picture of Fisheye Converter

16mm 180° fisheye perspective

The world looks quite different at a focal length of 16mm and with a 180° angle of view, and that difference can give you a new way to realize your artistic vision, or simply provide some new photographic fun. It’s a world that every photographer should explore.

Dedicated design for high performance

The Fisheye Converter has been specifically designed for use with the FE 28mm F2.0 lens. It integrates seamlessly with the precision FE 28mm F2 optical path so that optimum resolution and image quality are ensured. Other than focal length, the only change is that the maximum aperture becomes F3.5 when the converter is attached.

Automatic EXIF data generation

A sensor system detects the converter when mounted so that appropriate EXIF lens data is generated and recorded by the camera. That makes data management easier when you sort or process your images later.

Picture of Fisheye Converter

Smooth visual match with the FE 28mm F2

Not only are the Fisheye Converter optics designed specifically for the FE 28mm F2, but the visual appearance is too. The converter blends smoothly with the lens when mounted, giving the appearance of a single integrated unit.

Picture of Fisheye Converter

High reliability in harsh conditions

Like the lens it mounts to, the Fisheye Converter has been designed to resist the intrusion of dust and moisture so it can be used with confidence even in challenging outdoor conditions.