Images of Class D Mono Amplifier


A more efficient way to amplify your music

The GT3301D has been rated a Class D amplifier, converting 90% of incoming power into speaker output – around 30% more than most conventional amplifiers. As a result, the amplifier is able to deliver incredible power without generating large amounts of heat.

Dynamic Distortion Suppressor™

Distortion can occur when an amp is driven too hard, with your audio’s signal peaks being abruptly clipped. The GT3301D’s Dynamic Distortion Suppressor™ reduces signal peaks without clipping them harshly, substantially reducing the levels of distortion.

Active Thermal Control

High temperatures can have a negative effect on amplifier components, often causing the amp to shut down until it returns to a cooler temperature. Active Thermal Control automatically manages the amp’s output, so you won’t need to worry about your music cutting out – even with prolonged use.

Low Pass Filter

The single-channel GTR3301D is designed for maximum performance with subwoofers. The variable low pass filter (50-300Hz) lets you tune the amp for deep bass and the perfect integration with the rest of your system.

Flexible mounting options

The amp’s single-sided connections provide flexible installation and multiple mounting options.

High-Level Input

No pre-amp outputs? No problem. If your speaker system doesn’t have pre-amp outputs, simply connect your receiver’s outputs to the amp’s high-level inputs and you’re ready to go. Thanks to built-in auto sensing technology, the amp will automatically engage whenever the head unit is switched on.

  • Automatic thermal control to prevent overheating

  • Enjoy deep bass tones with a Low Pass Filter

  • Hear clear audio lows with a wide 10–300Hz frequency response

  • 5 Flexible installation thanks to single-sided connections

Channel Configuration
1ch (Mono)
Max. Channel Power Configuration at 4 ohm
600W x 1
Max. Channel Power Configuration at 2 ohms
1100W x 1
Frequency Response
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