Discover XAV-AX8500 features

Big screen with updated flexibility


The XAV-AX8500 digital multimedia receiver features a 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) capacitive HD touchscreen with an updated display joint featuring a new tilt and swivel mechanism. Together with both wireless and wired connectivity to your smartphone and various devices, and sound customisation, it offers a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

  • XAV-AX8500

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The XAV-AX8500 in position in a convertible car being driven by a smiling person

Oversized high-definition display

An optically gapless 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) high-definition LCD panel offers enhanced picture quality, and its clean interface enables safer and easier operation than ever.

Easily adjustable tilt and swivel

The newly designed tilt and swivel mechanism lets you manually adjust the oversized high-definition display's viewing angles. The display joint's screw-less structure gives you a range of ±15 degrees, both horizontally and vertically, with no tools required – even after installation.
The XAV-AX8500 in position on a dashboard tilted towards the driver.

HDMI Input

HDMI connectivity allows you to hook up an external audio and visual source device or a compatible smartphone, so you can view your favourite content when your car is parked.

Fully wireless smartphone connectivity

Thanks to a Wi-Fi® connection to your smartphone, together with the supplied GPS antenna, you can use voice control to navigate, communicate and play music on the road even with your device in your pocket012.
Images of the XAV-AX8500 connected via Wi-Fi to both Apple CarPlay and  Android Auto

Sound customisation

The built-in DSP offers sound processing and time alignment—down to a remarkable 1 cm for each of the five addressable channels (four speakers and subwoofer via pre-out). A 14-band EQ lets you adjust the overall sound to your music or taste, and with the three-zone crossover, you can arrange the perfect match of front, rear and subwoofers.

Image of a black rectangle with two diagonal white lines in the top right and bottom left corners

Bezel-less 25.7 cm (10.1") HD (1280 x 720) capacitive touchscreen

Simple icon image of a speaker

96 kHz / 24-bit WAV, FLAC, ALAC audio playback, and DSD file playback via 96 kHz / 24-bit PCM conversion

Simple icon image of wiggly line

LDAC™ for wireless audio streaming with 95 kHz / 24-bit sampling and up to 990 kbps transmission

Simple icon image of a speaker with two curved lines

5V High voltage 3-preout for clear sound

Simple icon image of the USB symbol

USB Type-C® for 5 V / 3A power supply



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