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Digital Switchover
Easy switch to digital TV with Sony BRAVIA
You've probably heard of the digital switchover, but did you know it's easy to switch to digital with Sony TVs?

All of our latest TVs have Freeview built-in, which means switching to digital is easy as you don't have to worry about purchasing a separate set top box.

Just plug your Sony TV in your regular TV aerial and follow the easy on screen set up guide to enjoy all the free-to-air channels available in your area.

What Is It?

The digital switchover is the process of moving from analogue to digital TV. Between September 2012 and December 2013 the analogue TV signal will be switched off and replaced with new digital signals.

How will it affect me?

If you have an analogue TV you'll need to upgrade to one that can receive the digital transmission inorder to keep watching TV, or purchase a separate set top box.

What can I do?

By purchasing a new Sony BRAVIA you'll have Freeview built-in to the TV. This means that you won't need a separate set top box to enjoy all the free-to-air channels.

To see Sony's range of Freeview TVs please click here.

When is my region going digital

How to set up

Setting up freeview with a Sony Bravia TV is as simple as plugging it in to your standard (UHF) aerial.

Once the TV is switched on follow the simple on screen instructions and it will automatically find all the available channels in the area.

For a more complete guide in how to set up your Bravia TV with freeview, allow Tuki to explain in this quick video below.

For further information on the digital switchover, please visit: