Personal Audio

Strictly for those who love music. Made for music lovers.


With our headphones, nothing will stand in the way from enjoying amazing audio quality on all your devices.

Wireless Speakers

Experience movies, music, and games in high quality with powerful sound in all Sony speakers. A theatre-like experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Explore the Range of Personal Audio products

Walkman® Digital Media Players

Less noise, less distortion. With a Walkman® you’ll hear every note and feel every beat. And love the premium sound of music.

Portable Amplifier

Ideal portable audio accessory for enhancing sound quality when on the move.

Digital Voice Recorders

Never miss out on the important stuff at meetings or lectures again. Just record and hit play.


Go digital. Or stay analogue. With our range of radios, you’ll always be tuned in to the right frequency.

CD/Radio players

CD and Radio cassette players that offer high quality audio with mega bass sound system for deep, bass tones and powerful sound.

Audio Accessories

Complement your headphones, digital media players and wireless speakers with our extensive range of audio accessories. Discover the perfect case, cables and more.