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The Highest Sound Quality
Noise Cut
Reduces Ambient Noise For
Clearer Playback

The Intelligent Noise Cut function, an innovative technology
by Sony, significantly minimises surrounding ambient noise
for better playback.

Enjoy Various Recording Modes

Sony's digital voice recorders allow you to select the optimal
recording mode to suit your setting, be it a music performance,
interview, meeting, or even a personal voice memo.

Finding The Exact Recorded
Section Is A Breeze

This feature acts like a cue marker to mark the important points of
your recording. Using Track Marks makes it easier for you to pinpoint
exactly where you want to be during playback so you can hear find what
you want instantly.

Automatically Playback
Important Notes

When listening to recordings, press the A-B button once at the
point you wish the loop to start (Point A), then press it again at
the point you wish the loop to end (Point B). The digital voice
recorder will repeat your selection, which is especially useful for
language learning.

Minimise Distortion

The Digital Limiter on a Sony voice recorder reduces distortion when recording
loud sound. This is particularly useful in situations like live concerts or
recording in noisy environments when clarity and richness of sound can be lost.

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