VAIO® Duo 11: Archived

VAIO Duo 11

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Ideal form for use as a Slate or Keyboard PC

Easy-to-open Surf Slider™ design provides smooth and seamless transition between the slate and keyboard modes, which together with touch operation lets you choose the most comfortable or productive style for the application. The slate mode is optimized for a wide range of touch operated applications. The keyboard mode provides direct keyboard entry and can also be used with a mouse for easy operation.

Slate mode keyboard mode

Slate mode

Keyboard mode

Full-feature,High-performance PC in a Thin Body

high-performance PC in a thin body

VAIO™ Duo 11 not only looks great, but the thin under 18mm, 1.305 kg body is packed with a Full HD 11.6” OptiContrast™ Panel and a full range of features. Everything from a variety of necessary ports and jacks, Full HD cameras on the front and rear that can be used in both modes, and an optional sheet battery to double operation time are there when you need them. Also equipped with anytime USB* charging for recharging your USB devices while on the go, even when the PC is powered off. A wide range of support features, such as quick booting, ensure the optimum mobile computing experience.

*USB cable not included.

Digitizer Stylus + PC take you beyond pen and paper

In addition to finger-touch operation, VAIO™ Duo 11 was designed for use with a digitizer stylus that achieves a natural writing look and feel while also providing such digital pen functions as erasing, clipping, and trimming. This stylus is so easy to write and draw with that it will soon be your choice of tool over old-fashioned pen and notepaper for many applications. Original applications facilitate brainstorming, note taking, and image manipulation to allow you to easily input, organise, and share your ideas?even on the run.

Digitizer Stylus + PC make ink pens and notepads obsolete