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The epitome of brilliant sound and video - Enjoy the absolute best home cinematic experience with the Sony Blu-ray Disc™ Player. The perfect addition to any home theatre system.
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Blu-ray Disc™ Players

Versatile, hardworking and cutting-edge. The range of Sony Blu-ray Disc™ Players let you experience a wide variety of entertainment options to the fullest.

See 3D images with life-like, razor sharp quality and hear high definition surround sound. You will surely relish many hours of exciting entertainment.

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Explore the Range of Home Video Products

Personal 3D Viewer

Slip on the wearable HD TV and get comfy, then sink into your own personal home movie theatre.

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DVD/HDD Players

With multi-format playback performance coupled with easy to use features, movie nights just got a lot more enjoyable.

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Enhance the performance of your audio and video systems with original Sony accessories.

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