Click and Collect



Why would I use Click & Collect?
How do I use Click & Collect?
Where and when do I pick up my shopping?
How do I select which store to collect from?
What do I need to bring to collect my shopping?
Can somebody else collect my shopping for me?
How much does it cost?
My purchase is too big for my car, do I need specialised delivery service?
What payment types can I use online?
What type of transport do I require?
What happens if something I have ordered is not available at store?
I've changed my mind, what do I do next?
I'm stuck, who can I turn to for help?

Sony Click and Collect

Click & Collect offers all the benefits of shopping online such as secure transacting and prioritisation of order as well as the added convenience and support offered by our Sony Stores, especially for those inconvenient items, or those requiring expert knowledge.


Why would I use Click & Collect?

  • Flexibility in ordering online at the same great price as in store from the comfort of your own home.

  • Pick up your new Sony product while you're on the way home from work, school or out on the weekend.

  • Less waiting times during busy periods so you are in and out of the store quickly.

  • Secure top selling Sony products

  • No shipping fees and no missed couriers


How do I use Click & Collect?

Step 1 - Click