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High Power Home Audio System


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Images of High Power Home Audio System
Images of High Power Home Audio System

Let’s dance

Get the dance floor jumping with the New Generation Audio system. A 3-way speaker is built into a compact, all-in-one box design, playing all your favourite tracks in 1440W RMS of powerful sound. With built-in LED speaker light sequences and DJ-effects, you can start an instant party anywhere.

1440W RMS power

1440W RMS power

3-way, 5 speaker system

3-way, 5 speaker system

Space-saving design, soul-shaking sound

Get the power of 5 speakers in a compact vertical box design. A 250mm woofer, 2x 100mm mids and 2x 40mm tweeters combine to deliver rich, balanced sound across a wide service area. This works by angling the speaker drivers to face outward distributing sound across a wider area, so you get roof-raising audio.

Double the pressure, double the bass

Sound Pressure Horn

Experience soul-shaking bass with Sony’s unique Sound Pressure Horn technology. A Back Loaded Horn design creates twice the pressure of a conventional subwoofer, increasing the sound by up to 6 decibels. The result is louder, cleaner bass that you can really feel.

Made to party

More music, more lights, and more fun make bigger, better parties. Party Chain lets you connect and sync multiple speaker systems, plus over 30 LED speaker light effects will bring your party to life. Put your own spin on the music with a range of DJ effects.

DJ effects

DJ effects

Experiment with 4 DJ effects – from panning across speakers and isolating vocals to adding flanger and WAH effects.

Party Chain

Party Chain

Connect up multiple systems and select Party Chain mode to sync light and music effects.

LED effects

LED light effects

Over 30 different LED speaker illuminations sync with the beat of your music for a disco atmosphere.

Set the sound

Boost the bass or create a stadium atmosphere from your sofa ̶ four sound modes optimise settings for different music and audio. Bass Bazuca gives your songs a lift, or you can hook up to a TV and get immersive audio for football, games, music and movies.

Bass Bazuca

Bass Bazuca

Fire up the Bass Bazuca to give your bass lines some added punch.

Choose from Football, Movie/Game, or Music mode for sound settings that really set the atmosphere.

Sound modes

Choose from Football, Movie/Game, or Music mode for sound settings that really set the atmosphere.

NFC and Bluetooth

Listen to your music with One-touch

Play your favourite songs and playlists from your smartphone through the New Generation Audio system. Simply use NFC One-touch listening to make an instant Bluetooth® connection and get streaming.

Total control at your fingertips

Download the dedicated SongPal app and turn your smartphone into a remote control. Skip tracks, adjust sound settings, browse playlists, and even control apps such as YouTube™, Spotify, Music Unlimited1 and more.

SongPal app

Plug in, play, transfer

With an audio (RCA) input and audio output, you can hook up to a power supply with one hassle-free wire and connect to other systems easily. Play music from a USB or through the CD player, and even copy songs from a CD to a USB without a PC.

  • DSEE upscaling restores quality to compressed files

  • Bass Bazuca adds low-end power

  • Great-sounding music in one step with ClearAudio+

  • Easy Bluetooth® connectivity with NFC One-touch

  • Stream and control right from your smartphone with SongPal

Speaker Size
Mid Unit Size (10cm x2), Tweeter Unit Size (4cm x 2), Woofer Unit Size (25cm x 1(BLH, Mica))
Output Power
Input and Output Terminals
Analog Audio Input (1), Analog Audio Output (1), USB Port (2)

What's in the Box

Antenna, Battery, Remote control, Operating instructions

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