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Sponsorship Applications

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Sponsorship Applications
All you need to know about Sony sponsorship
At Sony we turn dreams into ideas and ideas into reality. We create intense new experiences designed to thrill and excite our customers. We love to take risks, and we’re passionate about innovation.

Do you share our vision? Does your sponsorship proposal tick the following boxes?

  • Innovative, original, and something that will make a positive difference to people’s lives.
  • A unique property that Sony can become an integral part of.
  • Aligned with the Sony passion of bringing entertainment to all, through intense new experiences
If you believe your proposal addresses and satisfies the above criteria, please tell us how.

In the body of your application, be sure to include specific details such as:

  • The name, details and credentials of your organisation
  • A description of the event or project
  • The level of sponsorship sought
  • The sponsorship amount requested
  • Where and when the event is being held (if relevant)
  • A key timeline
  • How your brand aligns with the Sony brand and/or sub-brands
  • What exposure Sony can expect
  • What audiences the sponsorship will touch (e.g. media, internal staff, consumers, trade and retail partners)
  • What the reach of the activity will be (e.g. national, local) and likely demographics
  • Details of any confirmed sponsorship partners, including media partners
Please click here to submit an application for sponsorship.
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